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Industrial Park "Anadyr"


This year the creation of the first Industrial Park "Anadyr" in Chukotka is continuing. 

Industrial Park is a complex of real estate objects, managed by a single operator (a specialized management company), and consisting of a land plot with production, administrative, storage and other premises and facilities, provided with energy carriers, engineering and transport infrastructure and administrative and legal conditions for the accomodation of production facilities.

The project is implemented in two stages:

Stage I – the construction of the 2.6 MW "Power Plant" of the industrial Park to reduce the cost of heat for future residents of the Park through the creation of a small power park running on gas.

At the expense of okrus and Federal budgets in 2015-2016 within the framework of implementation of the subprogramme "State support of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship" of the state program "Stimulation of economic activity of the population of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug for 2014-2019" the construction of a new gas boiler house was carried out. 

In July 2017,  the permission was received to put the Power Plant into operation. By Decree of the Russian Government No. 428-rp of October 26, 2017 built power plant were transferred to the Treasury Department of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In November 2017, the state registration of  the property rights of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug was carried out.

The managment company of Industrial Park "Anadyr" is OOO Upravlyayushchaya kompaniya "Promyshlennyy park "ArktikPromPark" (a limited liability management company), which provides the work of the industrial park by creating the most favorable conditions for doing business by residents (abbreviated name: OOO «UK «Promyshlennyy park «ArktikPromPark»; the legal address and address of actual location: ul. Rultytegina 41, Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, 689000; phone: +7 (42722) 6-93-29; e-mail

The main function of the management company is to ensure that residents of the Park receive developer's service in a "single window" system, to ensure connection of communications, maintenance of power grids, removal of solid waste, assistance in building business plans, finding investments, etc.

Stage II – further engineering design of the territory of the industrial park: the construction of internal engineering and transport infrastructure necessary for the organization of production by subjects of small and medium business (planned to implement).

The first residents appeared in the industrial park in March 2018.

On the territory of the park, you can rent existing real estate objects to accommodate  production facilities, and also independently build premises for future production.

Main characteristics of Industrial Park "Anadyr":

  • location: ul. Rultytegina 41, Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug;
  • Area:
    • plots of land – 8.19 ha;
    • existing premises – 258.7 sq.m.,
    • projected – 4 000 sq.m.;
    • land (for construction) – 7.58 ha
  • distance from basic infrastructure:
    • main gas pipeline – 0,2 km;
    • power station – 1 km

A possible specialization of residents of the industrial park "Anadyr": vegetable farming, food industry.

Documents for download

Download The regulations on the procedure for assigning a status of the resident of the Industrial Park "Anadyr" to small and medium-sized enterprises