Current Projects

Name of support recipient Year of Support Project Locality
Natalya Vladimirovna Gladkaya, IE  2009 Development of massage and beauty services Anadyr
Mikhail Igorevich Reutov, IE 2010 Satellite Internet service for the villagers of Konergino Konergino village
Vladimir Leonidovich Bedunkevich, IE 2010 Launching dance studio, Anadyr town Anadyr
Aleksey Vitalievich Gordienko, IE 2010 Improving the Internet portal, Anadyr town Anadyr
Ruslan Gennadievich Tatarintsev, IE 2010 Assistance to villages (Anadyrsky district) Anadyr
Lei Oravetlyat, LLC 2010 Funeral services in Chaunsky municipal district, Pevek town  Pevek
Vitaly Evgenevich Manasbaev, IE 2011 Launching private carving workshop for souvenirs production Anadyr
Taisiya Yurievna Gubanova, IE 2011 Small cinema in the Providensky district Provideniya
Andrey Nikolaevich Stepanov, IE 2011 Photobook about Anadyr town Anadyr
Khlebny Dar, LLC 2011 Producing bakery products of long storage Egvekinot
Mikhail Yurievich Rodionov, IE 2011 Rendering construction and repair services to population Anadyr
Marina Evgenievna Korotkova, IE 2011 Opening cafe — coffeehouse Pevek
ABS Balans Prof, LLC 2012 Opening an agency for providing consulting and information services for business support Anadyr
Elena Sergeevna Stepanova, IE 2012 Opening children's cafe "Brusnichka" Anadyr
Unpener, LLC 2012 Arranging reindeer bagging in the Chaunsky municipal district and the catch of fish (smelt) at the reservoirs of the Rytkouchi village during autumn-winter period Pevek
Olga Karabaevna Manasbaeva, IE 2012 Carving workshop "Zolotoy Olen' " Anadyr
Sergey Yurievich Gavrilenko, IE 2012 Services of mobile photo studio "Kakomei" Anadyr
Svetlana Vladimirovna Fateyeva, IE 2013 Launching workshop for manufacture and repair of knitted clothing Anadyr
Konstantin Stefanovich Lemeshev, IE 2013 Starting production of souvenir printed products using photos Anadyr
Alexander Valentinovich Yatsyuk, IE 2013 Service station Anadyr
Agricultural enterprise Alexander Leonidovich Voloshin, IE 2013 Agricultural production Pevek
IT-Service, LLC 2013 Provision of services for computer equipment maintenance Anadyr
Mebelshhik, LLC 2013 Manufacture of furniture fronts and waterproof furniture components Anadyr
Vasily Fedorovich Rultuvie, IE 2013 Launching a small workshop for processing skins and sewing fur products Anadyr
Roman Ivanovich Astrov, IE 2013 Arranging event musical accompaniment Anadyr
Dmitry Miroslavovich Budilovskiy, IE 2013 Opening solarium club Pevek
Elena Ajnulaevna Khismatulina, IE 2013 Dance studio Anadyr
Viktor Valerievich Tynachevyn, IE 2014 Arranging traditional industries in the village of Neshkan Chukotsky district, village of Neshkan
Valentina Vladislavovna Berg, IE 2014 Arranging catch and processing of fish and seafood in the Iultinsky district of Chukotka Autonomous Region Egvekinot urban district
Ksenia Vladimirovna Sandrieva, IE 2014 Youth sports and recreational area Anadyr
Yuriy Yurievich Sagatdinov, IE 2014 Installation of fabric stretch ceilings and thin heated floors Anadyr
Nadezhda Nikolaevna Belyaeva, IE 2014 Installing payment terminals at Konergino village, Amguema village and Egvekinot settlement Egvekinot urban district
Nadezhda Eduardovna Belyaeva, IE 2014 Snow Park in Anadyr town Anadyr
Lyubov Vladimirovna Shpineva, IE 2014 Launching a small confectionery in the town of Bilibino Bilibino town
Valery Ivanovich Devyatkin, IE 2014 Fishing in Anadyrsky district Anadyr
Andrei Olegovich Morozov, IE 2014 Production of sledges, yararys and national souvenirs in the village of Vaegi Anadyrsky district, village of Vaegi
ArcheoChukotka LLC 2014 Rendering information and consulting services related to preservation of local cultural heritage of Chukotka Autonomous Region Anadyr
Evgeniy Olegovich Chalbyshev, IE 2014 Services related to video remastering, computer maintenance services for population Anadyr
Rubin2, LLC 2014 Catch and sale of fresh-frozen fish Chukotsky district, Sireniki village
Alexey Viktorovich Bakshin, IE 2014 Car repair service in Anadyr town Anadyr
Anastasiya Valerievna Kochetova, IE 2015 Launching "Learning English" leisure center Anadyr
Fortuna, LLC 2015 Cafe in the Chukotsky district Chukotsky district, Lavrentiya village
Alexey Anatolyevich Ottoy, IE 2015 Arctic fox farm in the Chukotsky district Chukotsky district, village of Lorino
Viktoriya Valentinovna Penet, IE 2015 Fishery in the area of the national village of Nutepelmen Egvekinot urban district
Oleg Nikolaevich Bykov, IE 2015 Children entertainment center Provideniya settlement
Vasily Viktorovich Kabanov, IE 2015 Bus transportation in the Chukotsky district Chukotsky district, Lavrentiya village
Suarez Sergio Silva, IE 2015 Arranging micro pig farm in the town of Anadyr Anadyr
Viktoriya Valentinovna Sitarova, IE 2015 Small workshop for fur products Bilibinskiy municipal district, village of Kaperveem
Tatyana Vladimirovna Borisova, IE 2016 Fitness club Anadyr
Victor Vladimirovich Raikhlin, IE 2016 Fisheries in the Chukotsky district Lavrentiya
Sergey Alexandrovich Popov, head of agricultural enterprise 2016 Cultivation of cucumbers using hydroponics and artificial day light Anadyr
Pavel Timofeevich Krechko, IE 2016 Fast food cafe in the settlement of Ugolnye Kopi Anadyrsky district, Ugolnye Kopi settlement
Dary prirody, agricultural production cooperative 2016 Processing of aquatic biological resources Anadyr
Andrei Petrovich Borzdykh, head of agricultural enterprise 2016 Processing of aquatic biological resources Anadyrsky district, village of Markovo
Vitaly Leonidovich Lyashenko, head of agricultural enterprise 2016 Processing of aquatic biological resources Anadyr town
Vlastimil Andreevich Klimko, head of agricultural enterprise 2016 Processing of aquatic biological resources Anadyrsky district, village of Kanchalan

IE — individual entrepreneur