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Lists of property of Chukotka Autonomous Region, intended for transfer to possession and (or) use by SME entities
"Anadyr" Industrial Park

Establishment of the first industrial park in Chukotka continues in 2017. This year the Management Company will be established for the industrial park and the first agreements will be signed with the park residents.

The industrial park is a complex of real estate items managed by a single operator (specialized management company) consisting of a land plot with production, administrative, storage and other premises and facilities equipped with energy carriers, engineering and transport infrastructure and administrative and legal conditions for allocation of production facilities.

Final works of the first construction stage of the park are being carried out at the moment: the energy infrastructure of the industrial park (gas boiler house) is being commissioned. The target is to reduce the heat cost for the park residents by establishing a small gas-fired energy center, as well as free production of CO2 (carbon dioxide) required for greenhouse facilities.

The existing real estate items will be available for rental on the park territory for allocation of production facilities with the area of more than 7,000 sq. m It will be also possible to build the premises for future production.

Main parameters of the industrial park:

  • location: 41 Rultytegin Street, Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Region;
  • land area: 13.6 Ha;
  • area of premises: the area of existing premises located on the park territory amounts to 7,273 sq. m, the area of premises under design – 15,240 sq. m;
  • distance from main infrastructure facilities:
  • the main gas pipeline – 0.2 km;
  • power station – 1 km;
  • available space for residents: land (for construction) – 8 Ha, existing premises – 7,273 sq. m;

Possible specialization of residents: vegetable growing, food industry, production of construction materials and other types of production with the hazard class of V category.

Non-profit organization Fund for Development of Economy and Direct Investments of Chukotka Autonomous Region is the management company of "Anadyr" Industrial Park